Online Gambling Addiction

Addiction comes from a Latin term "enslaved by" or "bound by." Gambling addiction can happen to any one irrespective of age, race, color or gender. Gambling addiction involves an activity such as an obsession with betting on your favorite game or casino. For more information on gambling addiction, check out (here) ( ).

Risks of Gambling Addiction

Whether you gamble on scratch cards, poker, sports, slots or roulette online, or in a casino; gambling addiction can ruin your relationships and affect you performance in important aspects of life. You may finally end up running huge debts or stealing to fund your addictions. Most of the time, your mind will be preoccupied with gambling.

With time, you will spend more money than expected with the hope of winning more. Many people who are addicted to gambling will experience multiple attempts to stop or gambling in vain. They also use gambling as a way of reducing stress ad improving their moods. They also risk lying to loved to cover up for their addictions.

Serious Health Effects

Gambling addiction has the same effects on gamblers like drugs has to people. Addicted gamblers are likely to face emotional and physical problems. For instance, compulsive gambling is associated with mental issues such as anxiety, depression and personality disorders.This problems may extend to family members or loved ones as they seem to care a lot for the affected.

Gambling Treatment Options

Gambling addiction is a disease that can be managed well with patience, time and willpower. The first step to recovery is accepting the problem and seeking for help. Since each persons addiction behavior is unique, they require unique treatment. Although appropriate treatment is still under research, a combination of treatments should be used. This include counseling and therapy.

Signs of Gambling Addiction

The outright sign is the long time spend online on gambling platforms. A user who is addicted will start to increase both the frequency and size of bets. This is in a effort to win more, which they end up losing. Another common sign is resorting to gambling when faced with a stressful situation or crisis.

Additional Addiction Signs

Gamblers are likely to experience mood swings which involves feeling extremely low while losing and extremely high while winning. They may also boost about minimizing losses or getting more winnings. A gambler is likely to hide withdrawals and money from family account. They might also have questionable financial deals and secret loans.

How Online Gambling Aggravates Addiction

There are reasons why online gambling is dangerous than betting at any physical casino. First, online gambling sites are available 27/7. Any person can access these sites from anywhere as long as they have access to the internet. Online gambling from anywhere using an online platform provides comfort, convenience and anonymity which gamblers love.

Gamblers find it interesting while gambling online as they sometime forget that electronic money is actually real money. Although many gambling sites are registered in jurisdictions that allow gambling, it is difficult to regulate the related gambling activities as compared to land-based casinos. For instance, land based casino can easily identify and ban underage gamblers.

Self-help for Gambling Addiction

You should always learn to release stress through healthier means such as exercise. Strengthening your support network by meeting new friends and talking to family can limit time spend in gambling. You can also join a peer support group as these groups are dedicated to recovery from addiction. You should never shy away from asking for help.

Recovery and Relapse

For most gambling addicts who are undergoing recovery, relapse is a common thing. This is due their persisted use and need of mobile devices, the internet and computers. Recovery becomes easier, if the addicts makes healthier choices and resist the urge to gamble. Only responsible gambling will keep you away from a possible addiction.

Last modified: 24 July 2021